Student Testing Services

Challenge Exams

Challenge exams for certain math courses may be taken in the Redwood Taylorsville testing center. The following courses can be challenged:

MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra 4 credits
MATH 1040 Introduction to Statistics 3 credits
MATH 1050 College Algebra 4 credits
MATH 1060 Trigonometry 3 credits
MATH 1210 Calculus I 4 credits
MATH 1220 Calculus II 4 credits

Challenge exams are done on a walk-in basis during regular testing center hours. Each test has a different time limit and qualifying score so please verify by calling 801-957-4964. Each test has different calculator allowances, check the Math Department Calculator Guidelines Chart . Each challenge can be taken twice. The first attempt is $50.00, and must be paid in cash or check. The testing center cannot process credit cards. If you do not pass you must wait six (6) months to take it again, and the cost increases to $75.00. It cannot be attempted a third time.

You may not take the challenge exams if you have previously taken the course and received a grade of D- or higher. If you received an E or a W in the course you are eligible to take the challenge exam. Please note that you will receive a P on your transcript if you pass, not a letter grade. Your GPA will not change. If you fail it will not show on your transcript.

Students can prepare for these exams by watching the video of final exam review and/or taking a final exam from previous years.

CIS 1020 can also be challenged. Call 801-957-5152 or visit to learn more.

American Sign Language

Students who have American Sign Language Skills prior to enrollment at SLCC or whose credit does not transfer may challenge the beginning ASL courses. Challenge Tests are available for ASL 1010 and 1020 only. More information can be found on the American Sign Language & Interpreting website, or by contacting the department at, or calling Karen Rama, ASLI Lab Coordinator at 801-957-4929.

Foreign Language

Experiential Language Credit options are available to students with the knowledge and ability equivalent to that of students who have completed to two to four semesters of college-level classroom language study. For additional information, please visit Experiential Language Credit Options for SLCC Students.

Please note that the results of the Math challenge exams take 2-3 weeks to be graded and for the testing center (801-957-4964) to be notified of the results. It takes another 2-3 weeks for those results to be posted on a student’s transcript. If a student waits too late in the semester to take the exam, it may not post in time  to register for a higher math class or to meet graduation requirements. Exams will be handled in the order they are received by both departments.



Challenge credits will not be accepted by other schools and cannot be transferred.

The only way they are accepted by other institutions is if the student receives their Associates Degree from Salt Lake Community College and transfers the entire degree. If you have questions about whether or not challenge credit will be accepted by another institution please contact that school directly.