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Become a Thayne Center Peer Leader


Peer Leader roles at the Thayne Center are vital to connecting our student body to the community, resources, and programs that cultivate empowerment, develop community leaders, and spark social change. Best of all, students who serve in any of these roles are awarded a tuition waiver*!  This is a great opportunity to develop your professional and leadership skills, gain new knowledge and experience, and feel connected to your peers and the college in general.

If this sounds like the opportunity you’ve been searching for, please review the eligibility requirements and complete the Thayne Center Peer Leader Application. Brief descriptions for the various roles are described below. You will be contacted by a staff member after we have reviewed your application and verified your eligibility.  

*Tuition waiver is equivalent to in-state tuition

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be enrolled in and successfully complete a minimum of 9 credit hours in the fall and spring semesters
    • Must be enrolled in and successfully complete a minimum of 6 credit hours during summer semester (for Pantry Peer Leader only)
  • Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and semester GPA
  • Attend and complete any training and onboarding as required by your role
    • Attend overnight summer leadership retreat on August 17 & 18
    • Attend Spring leadership retreat TBD
  • Complete responsibilities of your role within your allotted 8-10 hours a week

Info Session Recording

Please watch the recording of our info session on eligibility requirements and descriptions of each Peer Leader role. Info Session Recording→

Pantry Peer Leaders assist with the delivery and sorting of food, staffing pantries during open hours, making the space lively and inviting, and raising awareness through tabling and presentations. They are committed to reducing stigma related to utilizing food pantries and serving those who come to the pantry with empathy. As a result, Peer Pantry Leaders engage in critical conversations to understand systemic issues related to food insecurity and sustainability on campus and globally.


Service Peer Leaders will assist with the envisioning, planning, and execution of SLCC serves Days of Service and monthly projects through partner visits, tabling, presentations, and other outreach events. Service Peer Leaders will engage in meaningful dialogue that moves away from charity-based models to exploring models based on critical community engagement.

Event Peer Leaders will assist with event promotion through tabling and marketing, event preparation and material/decoration purchases, and event set up and takedown for events like Casino Night, Halloween Bash, and Winter Cool Down. This position plays an important role in creating spaces that are welcoming, culturally relevant, and fun for students, their families, and the community.

Clubs and organizations create opportunities for students to build connections with faculty, staff, and other students outside of the classroom. We have over 60 clubs and organizations ranging from special interest to academic-related to multicultural clubs. Club Peer Leaders support club presidents and club members by providing information on how to stay a SLCC recognized club, maintain current club rosters, provide trainings, and assist the interclub council.

Alternative Break experiences are student-led, immersive multi-day service experience that explore and address root causes of important social issues. Alternative Breaks consist of service, education, and activities relevant to the theme of that break. Site leaders choose a theme, location, and plan the itinerary for these experiences.

Using the Stanford 6 pathways of Service, Civically Engaged Scholars is a degree distinction seeking program designed to encourage students to get involved with their local community  through community engagement. Students can complete the requirements in this program throughout their time at SLCC. CES Peer Leaders help to support students by providing information on requirements, check on student progress, and conduct presentations to recruit students into the program.

The Equity & Diversity Board advocate for students in their co-curricular activities for social change. This board will work identify initiatives and develop tactics to collect input from students (creating surveys, tabling, etc.), raise awareness (hold student forums, develop marketing strategies to share information, etc.), and strategize on ways to initiate action on student concerns.  In collaboration with the SLCCSA President, the Equity & Diversity board seeks to implement structural change at the college, improving the co-curricular experience.

The SLCCSA student senate has a student senator who represents students within the 6 pathways: Arts, Communication & New Media, Humanities & Social Science, Health Sciences, Mathematics & Engineering, Business, and Applied Technology & Technical Specialties and a student who serves as the Pro Tempore. Senators advocate for students in their academic experiences by gaining input, raising awareness, and initiating action on student concerns.

The Executive Assistant provides administrative support to the SLCCSA Student Body President and the SLCCSA Executive Council. This role also supports student-led initiatives for change on campus and is involved in discussions for strategies to gather input, raise awareness, and initiate action on student concerns.