Bruin Pantry

National survey data shows 45% of college students have recently experienced food insecurity. The Bruin Pantries are here to help change that by providing free food, hygiene items, and other resources to students, faculty, and staff in need.

Do you need food? Learn more here about what the pantries have to offer.

Want to help provide college hunger relief? Here’s how you can get involved:

  1. Work in the Pantries
    1. Work Study
      1. Eligibility Requirements: Must have been awarded federal work study through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®)
      2. Hours per week: Based on total award received, typically 12-20 hours per week.
      3. Compensation: Hourly pay rate, varies
      4. How to Apply: Positions will be listed on SLCC Employment Opportunities when available.
    2. Tuition Waiver
      1. Eligibility Requirements: Must attend at least 3/4-time (at least 9 credit hours), be a Utah Resident, maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA and have completed 70% of all the courses here at SLCC. Additional restrictions exist; individual eligibility will be confirmed at the time of application.
      2. Hours per week: 10
      3. Compensation: Tuition will be waived. Student must still pay their student fees.
      4. How to Apply: Positions will be listen on Awardspring when available.
    3. Campus Internship Program (CIP)
      1. Position Title: Bruin Pantry Healthy Food Access Associate (HFAA)
      2. Eligibility Requirements: Must not be receiving a tuition waiver, must be enrolled in at least 9 credit hours during the Fall and Spring Semesters, must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours during the summer, maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA. Additional restrictions exist; individual eligibility will be confirmed at the time of application.
      3. Hours per week: 20
      4. Compensation: Hourly pay rate, varies
      5. How to Apply: Email for openings.
  2. Volunteer in the Pantries
    1. Service-Learning
      1. For many service-learning classes, you can fulfill your requirements through volunteering in the Bruin pantries.
      2. Hours: Typically 2-hour shifts during pantry operating hours. Volunteers can choose their own shifts online. Volunteers can sign up for as many shifts as they’d like.
      3. To sign up: All pantry volunteers must first complete a volunteer application. You will be contacted with next steps once your application has been received.
    2. AmeriCorps Education Awards
      1. Volunteering in the Bruin Pantries can count towards earning an AmeriCorps Education Award to help pay back qualified loans or to use towards future education expenses.
      2. Hours: 300 hour term, about 5-7 hours per week
      3. For more information visit our AmeriCorps Education Award Page
  3. Donate to the Pantries
    1. We are always looking for donations to the pantries.
    2. You can drop off donations at any pantry location during our hours of operation.
    3. Current Pantry Needs: Here are some of the types of items we need the most.
    4. Items we are not able to accept includes:
      1. Clothing (except at Taylorsville Redwood)
      2. Home-cooked meals