Bruin Pantry



What can I get at the Bruin Pantry?

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, when available (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Meat, when available (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Dairy products (or non-dairy alternatives), when available (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Prepared sandwiches, salads, “take and bake” meals, when available (Taylorsville and South City locations
  • Bread (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Dry foods, such as pasta, instant meals, ramen noodles, and baking mixes
  • Snacks such as chips, crackers, sweets
  • Canned goods, including meat and seafood
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Menstrual products
  • Professional clothing (Taylorsville Redwood location only)


What do I need to bring?

  • All you need is your OneCard.
  • On your first visit, and once a year after, you will need to fill out a brief liability form, but no proof of address or income is required.
  • If you bring your own reusable bag, you will get entered to win a $25 grocery gift card. Winners are picked monthly.
    • You can ask a pantry staff member for a reusable bag if you have not received one (limit one per person).


How often can I visit the pantry?

  • As much as you’d like!
  • However, each pantry has a limit on the amount of bags of food you can take each month:
    Taylorsville Redwood location: 8 bags per month
    South City 4 bags per month
    Jordan, West Valley: 2 bags per week
    At the Taylorsville Redwood and South City pantries, you can choose how to split up your bags throughout the month. For example, at South City, you can take 4 bags at once, or you can take 1 bag per week, or two bags every other week. At Jordan and West Valley, you can take up to 2 bags per week for a total of 8 per month.
    Bag limits are by location. Therefore, you can take 8 bags at Redwood, another 4 at South, another 8 at Jordan, and another 8 at West Valley if you need and are able to.


I’m interested in supporting the pantries. How can I get involved?

Visit our page on the Thayne Center Website for more information on donation, volunteer, and employment opportunities with the Bruin pantries.


Additional Food Resources:

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