Bruin Pantry



What can I get at the Bruin Pantry?

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables, when available (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Meat, when available (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Dairy products (or non-dairy alternatives), when available (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Prepared sandwiches, salads, “take and bake” meals, when available (Taylorsville and South City locations
  • Bread (Taylorsville and South City locations)
  • Dry foods, such as pasta, instant meals, ramen noodles, and baking mixes
  • Snacks such as chips, crackers, sweets
  • Canned goods, including meat and seafood
  • Personal hygiene items
  • Menstrual products
  • Professional clothing (Taylorsville Redwood location only)


What do I need to bring?

  • All you need is your OneCard.
  • On your first visit, and once a year after, you will need to fill out a brief liability form, but no proof of address or income is required.
  • If you bring your own reusable bag, you will get entered to win a $25 grocery gift card. Winners are picked monthly.
    • You can ask a pantry staff member for a reusable bag if you have not received one (limit one per person).


How often can I visit the pantry?

  • As much as you’d like!
  • However, each pantry has a limit on the amount of bags of food you can take each month:
    • Taylorsville Redwood location: 8 bags per month
    • South City 4 bags per month
    • Jordan, West Valley: 2 bags per week
  • At the Taylorsville Redwood and South City pantries, you can choose how to split up your bags throughout the month. For example, at South City, you can take 4 bags at once, or you can take 1 bag per week, or two bags every other week. At Jordan and West Valley, you can take up to 2 bags per week for a total of 8 per month.
  • Bag limits are by location. Therefore, you can take 8 bags at Redwood, another 4 at South, another 8 at Jordan, and another 8 at West Valley if you need and are able to.


I’m interested in supporting the pantries. How can I get involved?

Visit our page on the Thayne Center Website for more information on donation, volunteer, and employment opportunities with the Bruin pantries.


Additional Food Resources:

All pantries will be closed on Monday, january 20 for the martin luther king holiday.

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