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Executive Council Purpose Statement

SLCC Student Association (SLCCSA) is an organization composed of student leaders who are driven to inspire, assist, guide, serve, represent, and include students of diverse cultures, abilities, and ages by:

  • Addressing student issues & needs
  • Providing access to opportunities
  • Being believable and trustworthy
  • Building communication bridges
  • Collaborating with faculty and staff
  • Working with the community

SLCC Student Association Constitution
SLCC Student Association Bylaws

Student Association President

Student Association President

Joyce Wambuyi

Student Senate

Vice President for Academic Pathways

Emily Orton

Equity and Diversity

Vice President for Equity & Diversity

Mars Davis

SLCCSA Election 2023-2024

For more information regarding the SLCCSA Election, please contact Thayne Center Director Timothy Davis at