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Transfer Evaluation

Experiential Language Credit Options

Experiential Language Credit Options

The experiential language credit options are designed to measure your ability to demonstrate competencies equal to those of students who have completed 2 to 4 semesters of college-level language study.

Many students acquire foreign language skills outside the classroom.

If you have previous foreign language experience, you must be admitted to SLCC with a declared program of study in order to receive academic credit for your knowledge.

  • Students with some previous language experience—Option 1 or 2
    • previous high-school or college coursework in a foreign language
  • Students with extensive previous language experience—Option 1 or 3
    • bilingual speakers or those who have spent at least 1.5 years in a non-English speaking country or area for religious service or extended study abroad
  • Students whose first language is other than English—Option 1, 3, 4, or 5
    • depending on specific circumstances

Option 1: Pass a language proficiency test - some or extensive or native foreign language experience

You may take the Foreign Language Achievement Test (FLATS) in many languages to receive credit at SLCC.


The exam is proctored at various locations including Salt Lake Community College.

To test at SLCC:

  • Register for BYU FLATS
  • Select SLCC as the testing site. To register, you will need to provide BYU with the following SLCC proctor name: Bernadette Astorga-Martinez, and email address:
  • You then contact SLCC Testing Services to set up an appointment to take the exam at 801-957-4964. We suggest waiting two business days after registering before you set up the appointment, to allow BYU to process your registration.

Once you’ve taken the FLATS exam, please have your results sent to SLCC. If you demonstrate advanced proficiency on the test (each section that has a grade of P), you may purchase up to 14 non-graded semester credits at a cost of $40 per credit. You have two semesters from the test date to buy the credits.

University of Utah

  • The University of Utah’s Department of Languages and Literature will accommodate SLCC students to test language proficiency through LANG 2020.
  • Seven languages available: Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish

The language test consists of 3 parts:

  • Multiple Choice
  • Written
  • Spoken (recorded)

It costs $50 to take the test, payable only by check or cash.

Sign up to take the language test.

The University of Utah will contact you to set an appointment to take the exam. Your exam results will be sent to SLCC Transfer Evaluation Office:

You’ll receive an email from SLCC when exam results are received and you’re eligible to purchase language credits. SLCC will then post up to 18 non-graded semester credits to your transcript based on proficiency results at a cost of $40 per credit. You have two semesters from the test date to buy the credits.

Once you’ve been notified by SLCC that results have been received, you should decide how many credits you want to purchase. You’ll have to obtain a posting slip from the SLCC Office of the Registrar and Academic Records or any campus cashier, and pay $40 per credit for each course at campus cashiering. Once paid, return the posting slip and receipt to the Transfer Evaluation Office. Credit will be posted to your academic record as non-graded (“TR” for Transfer) credit. You will be notified by email when your credit has been posted.

Option 2: Pass a higher-level course at SLCC—some previous foreign language experience

The successful completion of LANG 2010 fulfills the AA Language requirement for most but not all degrees; please check the program description in the college catalog.

You may complete the 3rd or 4th semester level (LANG 2010 or LANG 2020) of any foreign language to fulfill your Associate of Arts language requirement.

To enroll in a 2nd year language course and override the prerequisite requirement, students must receive instructor approval. For assistance with approval, contact the Humanities Department:

Phone: 801-957-4338
Location: Taylorsville Redwood Road Campus
Academic and Administration Building (AAB) Room 165

Office Hours: 8 AM - 4:30 PM Monday - Friday

Option 3: Enroll in LANG 3060 at U of U—extensive or native foreign language experience

  • You may enroll in LANG 3060 at the University of Utah
    • A passing grade of C- or better can be used to fulfill your AA requirement.
  • You are not permitted to enroll in first or second year courses.

Note: Students who pass LANG 2010, LANG 2020, or University of Utah LANG 3060 with a B- grade or better may in addition be permitted to purchase first year language credits. When grades have been posted at the end of the semester, obtain a “Language Challenge Slip” from the Humanities department. Take the slip to a campus cashier and pay $50 for each course (1010 and/or 1020) you want to purchase. Then take the slip to Testing Services. They will notify the Registrar and it will be posted on your transcript as non-graded (“P” for passing) credit for first-year courses.

Students will only need to purchase credit for Language 1010 and 1020 courses if they want to increase their lower division credit hours. The successful completion of LANG 2010 fulfills the AA Language requirement for most degrees. Successful completion of LANG 2020 or University of Utah LANG 3060 automatically fulfills the BA language requirement.

Option 4: Pass English as a Second Language (ESL) course—native foreign language experience

  • Complete 3 or more credits of ESL 1020 or higher ESL coursework with a grade of C- or better.
  • Students must be placed into the ESL course by their Accuplacer test scores.

Option 5: Pass a 2nd Year English Course (for students who don’t need ESL)—native foreign language experience

  • Complete ENGL 2010 or higher with a grade of C- or better.
  • This option is for students who graduated from high school in a non-English speaking country and speak English well enough to not need ESL classes.
  • Students must provide a high school (or higher) transcript documenting graduation outside the U.S. at a non-English speaking school in a non-English speaking country.

For questions regarding the transfer of experiential language credit to other Utah institutions of higher education, please contact the SLCC Humanities program academic advisor at 801-957-3866.

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