Financial Literacy

CashCourse is a free, online financial education resource designed to help students build the financial skills they need to get through school and prepare for future financial challenges.

The Website contains:

  • Information that is easy to understand and is continually updated.
  • Helpful content such as articles, videos, and a financial dictionary.
  • An e-learning center with quizzes, worksheets, calculators, and a Budget Wizard.

Topics addressed in CashCourse include:

  • Budgeting and using credit and debit cards.
  • Understanding financial aid and repaying student loans.
  • Renting an apartment.
  • Understanding employee benefits and filing taxes.

Helpful Hints for CashCourse:

To begin, reflect on your individual financial needs. These may range anywhere from spending habits to saving or even finding employment. Find assignments that are directly related to your needs.

Click on the "Articles" link which will take you to "Category" where you will see a list of topics. Here you will be able to access worksheets, articles, and videos which will help you set and reach your goals.

  • Complete two worksheets based in your personal financial goals.
  • Send an email to your advisor indicating which ones you completed.

To use the SLCC CashCourse Website, just click on the following link:


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