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Students who would like to apply for volunteer tutor hours can download the Volunteer Agreement for LE 1240 and CRLA Tutor Certification. Print and fill out the agreement, then bring your paperwork to the desired work location.

Introduction to Tutoring

This online tutor training is a presentation based on SLCC's CRLA Tutor Certification program. It is a free resource for all tutoring programs at SLCC and serves as a brief introduction to the complex issues that tutors address. This training asks tutors to consider appropriate roles and goals for tutors as well as consider the skills they have and need. Tutors can complete this training in lieu of the first in-person Level 1 certification workshop; or tutors may use it to Step Ahead in their first tutoring experiences.

Please Print the Following Documents


All tutors are required to learn how to create ePortfolios. Please read through the ePortfolio manual and watch the introduction videos for Yola, Wordpress and Weebly. Then take the time to create an ePortfolio in each of the platforms for yourself.

If you feel like you need more help you can sign up to take the ePortfolio training at the Taylorsville Redwood Campus Library.

Assignment 1

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Assignment 3

Final Assignment