Yes, for all students on 5 campuses and Online!

Just walk in and stay awhile or call for a one-on-one appointment!

  • Taylorsville campus, Markosian Library, Lower Level.
  • South City campus, room #1-133.
  • Jordan campus, High Tech Learning Center, #102.
  • Miller campus, Automotive Training Center, second floor, #201.
  • West Valley Center, room #123.

During drop-in, the tutors will circulate the room helping each student, then let the student work independently while the tutors work with other students and finally circle back. The tutoring sessions are meant to be interactive. You can expect to ask and answer questions, to clarify important concepts, and to work problems together.

A Tutor can help you:

  • Clarify class material and answer questions
  • Understand concepts
  • Learn how to prepare for quizzes and tests
  • Learn how to learn efficiently
  • Develop and improve study skills and strategies

A Tutor does not:

  • Lecture you on the material (you should be working together)
  • Write for you
  • Do your homework for you
  • Give you the answers

When students come in, they sign in on the computer, find a seat, and a Tutor will be with you shortly. Please bring any materials that you need to get your questions answered (i.e. textbooks, homework, class notes, laptop).

  • At the 5 STEM Learning Centers:
    Math 900 to 2010; Biology; Chemistry; Physics; Statistics; CSIS; Java and more!

  • At the Business Resource Center (BB 226):

  • At the Student Writing Center (AAB 129):
    writing assistance for any class.

NO, not for drop-in, it is unlimited!

If you prefer a 1-on-1 appointment, you may schedule up to two half-hour appointments a week for up to two weeks. Cancellations must be made 24 hours in advance. If you are failing a class, repeating a class, or have a referral from a specific group on campus, you may schedule additional appointments. Please contact a STEM Learning Center to set an appointment, 801-957-6800, or visit our website at STEM Learning Centers. Students who are eligible for Disability Resource Services have access to additional tutoring sessions.


Our tutoring sessions are completely confidential. We have a saying that we’re a little like Vegas in that respect: “What happens in Tutoring, stays in Tutoring!”