Focused Tutoring

Focused Tutoring is for students who are failing a class, have failed a class, or have a referral from some specific groups on campus. Students with disability-related needs should confer with a Disability Advisor to learn about additional available services.

Focused Tutoring allows you to make two one-hour tutoring appointments per week every semester, or drop in anytime to work with a tutor. We will provide you with the best tutoring possible, allowing you to focus on the subjects you want to study in depth.

Note: If you miss three tutoring appointments without notifying the STEM Learning Centers in advance, you may lose the opportunity to make future tutoring appointments. (You may continue to get help via drop-in tutoring.)

A tutor can help you:

  • Clarify course content
  • Understand concepts
  • Develop and improve study skills and strategies
  • Learn how to learn efficiently
  • Learn how to prepare for quizzes and tests

A tutor does not:

  • Lecture you on the material - you should be working together
  • Do your homework for you
  • Solve problems for you
  • Give you the answers
  • Write for you

To make a Focused Tutoring appointment, please contact your preferred Learning Center location:

Campus Address Email Phone
Taylorsville Redwood

4600 Redwood Rd.
Markosian Library
Lower Level 801-957-4138
South City

1575 South State St.
Room 1-133 801-957-3261
Jordan 3491 West Wights Fort Rd.
(about 3400 W. & 9000 S.)
High Tech Center Room 102 801-957-2852