Online Tutoring


SLCC now offers students free ONLINE TUTORING from for multiple subjects, through a single sign on in their Canvas classes.

Be sure to check out all the additional resources available also!

Math Tutoring is now available online 24/7!

For more information contact eLearning or the STEM Learning Centers.

Math 24/7
Anatomy & Physiology Sun - Thurs 1PM - 11PM
Biology Sun - Sat 1PM - 11PM
Chemistry & Physics Sun - Sat 1PM - 11PM
Organic Chemistry Sun - Sat 1PM - 11PM
Accounting & Economics Sun - Sat 1PM - 11PM

Sun - Thurs 1PM - 11pm

Statistics Sun - Sat 1PM - 11PM
Spanish Sun - Sat 1PM - 10PM
Computer & Tech Sun - Thurs 5PM - 10PM