Science Resource Center

Science Resource CenterThe Science Resource Center (SRC) provides free tutoring services to students enrolled in science courses offered by Salt Lake Community College.

We Offer:

  • Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering, and Geosciences tutoring
  • Study Groups
  • Answer Guides

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The SRC is run by the Division of Natural Sciences to accommodate the needs of students, adjunct, and full time faculty for tutoring, computing, consultation, and group study. Originally started as a Chemistry Resource Center (CRC), it has expanded to address the needs of all natural sciences. The developmental history of the center is acknowledged here which includes previous studies reported to ACS meetings, the assorted factors influencing the development, the funding and space issues and its blending with other resources of the division.

Science Resource Center

The description is meant to assist similar institutions in the development of such centers. New funding sources have resulted in a doubling of the number of student visits to a projected 4300 visits annually. Also the SRC now has 3 levels of tutor available ranging from peer student tutors up to PhD graduates.

Taylorsville Redwood Campus 
SI 359B
Mon - Thurs, 9 a.m. - 8 p.m.
Friday, 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Students should check the schedule posted on the door for specific tutor/subject availability.

Drop-In tutoring, no appointment required.

We offer tutoring in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics and Engineering.
There is also textbook/solution manual check-out, and computer access.