Tutoring by Appointment

How to Make an Appointment

  • Log in here
  • At the log in screen, use your MySLCC username and password
  • In the box on the left-hand side, click on “Search Availabilities”
  • You will next be asked to choose the “Center” where you would like your appointment. Click on the drop down menu to select (be advised that smaller centers do not have appointments).
  • Choose the class/section you would like a tutor for from the drop down menu. Under “Reason” select Appointment. The system will show appointment options for the next two weeks. You can also deselect days you don’t want to see by clicking on them to remove them from consideration, and you can also shorten the range of time so that you only see available appointments during a desired time. Click on search to choose the time slot you would like. Then, click on your desired appointment slot. It will immediately be removed from the choices, which lets you know it has been assigned to you. You will receive a confirmation of your appointment through your Bruinmail.