BS, Health Education and Promotion

  1. Does this degree train me to be a nurse?
    • No, this is not a nursing degree. It is a degree that will allow you to gain health-related employment not specific to a particular health discipline.
  2. Which programs at SLCC are good precursors to this baccalaureate degree?\
    • Those programs are:
      • Dental Hygiene, AAS
      • Nursing, AAS
      • Mortuary Science, AAS
      • Physical Therapist, AAS
      • Health Info Tech, AAS
      • Occupational Therapy, AAS
      • Radiologic Tech,  AAS
  3. Can I be dually enrolled at SLCC and USU at the same time; especially, if I am close to completing my associate’s degree?
    • Yes, you would need to work with USU’s Financial Aid Office to create a “Consortium” agreement that states you will be going to school at two institutions.
  4. How do I know what classes from SLCC will transfer to USU?
    • The SLCC Program advisors or the USU Program Advisor (listed on our website) has the transfer guides and can let you know specific details. It is best to bring your transcripts when you meet with the advisors to get an accurate map of classes you will need to take.
  5. When should I meet with an advisor?
    • The earlier you meet with your advisor, the better. You will be able to get a map of classes you need to take here that may be prerequisites for core classes there. It is also beneficial to reach out to the advisor at the institution you are planning on attending next.
  6. What is required to apply to USU and this program?
    • Apply to Utah State University for Admissions as a “transfer student”
    • On application, list Health Education and Promotion, BS
    • Pay required fee and submit all official college transcripts of colleges attended
    • Cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all college work excluding developmental education
  7. Is it too late to transfer into this program if I graduated with my associate’s degree at SLCC five years ago or more?
    • No, it is not too late. You can speak to the USU advisor listed on our website to review your transcripts and provide you with a transfer guide.