Veterans Services

Request for Certification

A request for certification to be sent to the VA must be submitted each semester you intend to use your benefits.  If we do not receive the request, we will not process your certification.  The following standards will be applied to every certification, each semester:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Submitting this request late, incomplete or incorrectly may result in delayed payments to the student and the school.

 Please be sure to check your classes to make sure they are required for your major here at SLCC.  It is the student's responsibility to ensure the classes are needed for degree completion. 

** Failure to register for classes in your major can delay certification, decrease monthly living stipends and leave the student responsible for tuition and fees connected with unrequired courses.

Transcripts should be in and evaluated by the end of the first term you are registered for classes.  If it is not completed, certification will be withheld until it is completed.  This includes your military transcripts.

**Please note that online remedial courses (i.e.: MATH 0950, WRTG 0990) are not approved by the VA and cannot be paid for or count towards the living stipend.  Also, the math emporium courses (i.e.: MATH 0001) are not approved by the VA and will not be considered for payment. **


Request for Certification