Administrator Writing Resources

The WAC@SLCC program supports administrators in their own work and professional goals and provides resources to help administrators improve faculty and staff performance in their programs/departments. In addition to the resources noted below, the WAC@SLCC director is available for small group or individual consulting on any matter related to writing. Contact the director at or (801) 957-3232.


Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

The OCSW will help students succeed on writing assignments. Ask faculty to encourage students to submit their "A" papers to the OCSW and to utilize its resources in their teaching. 

Writing Assignments: What Students and Faculty Should Expect

Share these expectations with students and faculty to improve the writing assignment experience for everyone. 

Writing Resources for Students 

Be aware of the many in-person and online resources to support student writers. 

faculty & STAFF Development

Encourage faculty and staff to enroll in webinars and in person workshops. Check out the schedules at the Faculty Development and Staff Development or contact the WAC Director to set up a development offering specifically for your school or department. 

Canvas+Consult Professional Development Courses

Learn about and reflect on best practices for using writing in your teaching through a self-enrolled, self-paced Canvas course.  Each course earns a digital credential from Faculty Development

Faculty Professional Portfolios

Improve the quality of faculty portfolios through webinars, resources, in person workshops, and small group or individual consultation.  


  • Conference Proposals
  • Create Your Own Desk Manual
  • Effective Email
  • Grammarphobia
  • Get the "Write" Style
  • Super Sabbatical Proposals 

Administrator Development 

Writing Consultation

Contact the WAC Director for individual and confidential writing support and development. 

Writing Community

Getting Writing "Right"

If the mechanics of standard edited English weigh on your writing confidence, use the resources below to ease your mind...and your writing. 

Grammar Concerns

Friendly resources to guide you through false assumptions, cranky rules, and pesky punctuation. 

SLCC Style Guide

Find the answers to your SLCC workplace writing questions.