Faculty Writing Resources

WAC@SLCC provides support for faculty to reach their teaching and professional goals.  In addition to the resources below, the WAC@SLCC director is available for small group or individual consulting on all writing matters.  Consult the Faculty Development catalog and calendar for WAC workshop offerings. 


Almost all SLCC faculty ask their students to write.  Check out the resources below to help your students succeed.

Composition Requirement

Knowing what your students are learning in English composition will help you understand what skills they bring to your writing assignments. 

Canvas+Consult Professional Development Courses

Learn about and reflect on best practices for using writing in your teaching through a self-enrolled, self-paced Canvas course.  Each course earns a digital credential from Faculty Development

  • Developing Successful Student Writers (MyPage-->Employee-->Register for Training-->Faculty Development-->"FO06: Develop Success. Stud. Writers") 
  • Working with English Language Learner (ELL) Student Writers (MyPage-->Employee-->Register for Training-->Faculty Development-->"FO04: Working Well with ELL Writers") 

Open Collection of Student Writing (OCSW)

Use the OCSW to help your students succeed on writing assignments. Encourage your students to submit their "A" papers to the OCSW to support the SLCC writing community! 

Writing Assignments: What Students and Faculty Should Expect

Know what students need from your writing assignments--and you--in order to do well.

Writing Resources for Students

Be aware of the many in-person and online resources to support student writers. 

Professional Life

Not only do we ask our students to write, we faculty do a lot of writing ourselves. The resources below support faculty writing development. 

Create Your Faculty Professional Portfolio

Get help developing or revising your professional portfolio for faculty evaluation, tenure, rank advancement and merit applications. 

Faculty Writing Support

The WAC@SLCC program provides individual and small group support on all faculty writing needs, including:

Getting Writing "Right"

If the mechanics of standard edited English weigh on your writing confidence, use the resources below to ease your mind...and your writing. 

Grammar Concerns

Friendly resources to guide you through false assumptions, cranky rules, and pesky punctuation. 

SLCC Style Guide

Find the answers to your SLCC workplace writing questions.