How to add courses to Waitlist (WL)

  1. Check for remaining (WL Rem) spots
  2. Write down the CRN for that course
  3. Click “Add to Worksheet”
  4. Enter the CRN into one the CRN boxes and click “Submit Changes”.
  5. A “Closed” error appears
  6. Through the action box select “Waitlisted”
  7. Submit Changes

If Added Correctly

The course will appear under your Current Schedule with the Status “Waitlisted on (date)…”

If the course does not appear in your Current Schedule it was not added correctly.

Watch your BruinMail inbox for an email notification informing you that you are eligible to add your waitlisted course. You will have 24 hrs to register before you are dropped from the waitlist.

Add waitlisted course to your schedule:

  1. Login to MyPage, go to Student Tab and click on “Add or Drop Classes” under Registration Tools.
  2. After selecting the term you will see your “Current Schedule” including your registered courses and your waitlisted courses.
  3. Once it is your turn to take an open seat in the waitlisted course, you will see a 3rd option in the drop down “Action” box.
  4. Select “Web Registered” and submit changes.