Electrical Lineworkers construct, install, maintain, and measure the delivery and usage of energy to industrial, commercial, and residential consumers. Salt Lake Community College provides related technical instruction for the Intermountain Power Superintendent’s Association (IPSA) Department of Labor registered apprenticeships. These apprentices are employed in the electric power transmission and distribution industry as Lineworkers, Substation Technicians, and Metering Technicians for affiliated public utilities, contractors, and others.

If you are not currently employed as an apprentice with an IPSA affiliated employer; please see the Pre-Apprenticeship Program to gain the skills and training employers in this essential trade seek from new employees. If you are an electric power employer and would like information about the SLCC Lineworker Apprenticeship programs please contact Rhett Bigelow.

Lineworker Apprenticeship
Meter Apprenticeship
Substation Apprenticeship