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Energy Management Certificates

From the Energy Management AAS degree, several courses are also offered as not-for-credit and award a Certificate of Achievement. Professionals will gain practical knowledge and skills to use on the job in either Energy Efficient Lighting or HVAC Energy Optimization.


Salary / Monthly Openings

Entry-Level Wages: $9.11
Median Wages: $20.07
Openings: 5

Occupational Data, 2023, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling


HVAC Energy Optimization 3 courses 24 weeks $2,684.50 Register Now
Energy Efficient Lighting 2 courses 16 weeks $998.50 Register Now


Title Time Commitment Funding Available Investment
Intro to HVAC Optimization 8 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $499.25
Advanced HVAC Optimization I 8 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $499.25
Advanced HVAC Optimization II 8 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $499.25
Lighting Fundamentals 8 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $499.25
Lighting Applications 8 Weeks | 1x a week Yes $499.25


These certificate programs are designed to give those professionals already working in lighting or hvac a focus toward enhancing the energy efficiency of these functions for their company. Successfully earning one of these Certificates can give your resume a boost!


* Who should take these courses?

- The courses are primarily for those professionals who already have some training and experience in either lighting or hvac. Instruction incorporate both classroom lectures and hands-on activities done outside of the classroom.

* How long does it take to complete the certificate courses?

- Energy Efficient Lighting is made up of 2 courses that are completed in one semester. HVAC Optimization is made up of 3 courses and take a semester and a half to complete.


If you are approved for funding, STIT will pay 50% of the cost of the tuition associated with the course. Apply Now


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