Positive Psychology

Positive psychology emphasizes the study of human strengths, positive emotions and well-being that can be applied to professional work settings and personal life. These 8-week, 100% online courses are offered every semester. Fit the weekly deadlines into your schedule as you work through the classes. Courses do not need to be taken in a certain sequence, however, to earn the Positive Psychology Certificate of Achievement, students are required to successfully complete Intro to Positive Psychology and four elective courses of your choice.


  • 5 course
  • 24 - 40 weeks
  • $1,495
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Title Time Commitment Investment
Intro to Positive Psychology 8 weeks | self paced $299
Positive Self Change 8 weeks | self paced $299
Cultivating Healthy Relationships 8 weeks | self paced $299
Communicating with Difficult People 8 weeks | self paced $299
Understand Addictive Thinking 8 weeks | self paced $299
Mindfulness & Stress Management 8 weeks | self paced $299
Post Traumatic Growth and Resilience 8 weeks | self paced $299


Positive psychology practices have diverse benefits including increased positive emotions, improved perspective and positive outlook, strengthened resilience and coping, greater workplace productivity, enhanced subjective well-being and psychological well-being, and improved physical health indicators. This certificate program teaches research-based principles and actionable tools that will transform your life and positively impact those around you.


Our courses are designed to help you: · Create a personal environment of flourishing and meaning · Manage emotional control under pressure · Improve emotional well-being through strengthening relationships with family, friends and romantic partners · Establish mindfulness and self-care practices for stress management and prevention · Understand how your values, self-compassion, and mindset help you make lasting positive change · Identify underlying causes of addiction and how to overcome addictive thinking patterns · Recognize traumatic stress reactions and apply resilience-building principles


* What is the cost for each course?

- $299.00 per course

- STIT Funding for 50% of costs while funds are available for Utah residents. Call Silvia Araoz for details at 801-957-5347

* How long is each course?

- Each course is eight weeks or a half block semester.

* What if I register for this class but decide I want to drop it?

- This is a not for credit course. In order to receive a tuition refund, the course must be dropped 24 hours before the course start date. No tuition refund will be issued after the start date.

* How much time do these classes require on a weekly basis?

- Plan to spend about 5 hours a week depending on your reading skills.

* Is there a set time that we meet online as a class?

- No, the class will not "meet" online at a certain time or meet on campus. Students will be required to self-pace throughout the course. There will be exercises that need to be completed each week, discussion questions to respond to etc.

* How do I get started once I have registered?

- You will get access to the course through CANVAS.

* How do I earn a Certificate of Achievement?

- Complete Intro to Positive Psychology and 4 elective courses of your choice. When you have completed all five classes, you can access

* How do I get the information required by my HR to appeal for credit?

- You can find the information needed in this document


50% funding for all courses available with STIT

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Maria Griffin | 801-957-5252| maria.griffin@slcc.edu