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Utah Notary Public Workshop

The Utah Notary Public Training Workshop is a one-day, four-hour workshop to teach students how to be an effective and conscientious Notary Public. Students learn how and why Notaries witness and authenticate the signing of our most important documents, including mortgages, Powers of Attorney, contracts, adoption papers, advance medical directives, and many other transactions in our everyday lives. Students are instructed on how to apply for their license and register for the State's required online exam, obtain a bond, and a purchase a Notary stamp.


Salary / Monthly Openings

Entry-Level Wages: $10.65
Median Wages: $20.85
Openings: 24

Occupational Data, 2023, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling


Title Time Commitment Funding Available Investment
Utah Notary Public Training Workshop | Register Now 1 half-day | 1x week  $60


Being a notary boosts your qualifications and makes you invaluable to businesses, firms, healthcare, schools, and other organizations that need the services of a notary. By acquiring a notary commission, you may have a competitive edge over other candidates and be qualified for higher positions.

Being a notary may make you more valued at your workplace and give you a career advantage because many organizations face the challenge of document authentication. The presence of a notary on staff may help them cut costs on notarization fees, and you may earn additional pay by negotiating payment for the services you render as a notary to your employer.

Notarization services are in high demand by many people. People need them to get a job, travel, buy a house, solve financial problems and take care of other responsibilities that matter to them. Although most people will come to the notary, you can also take your services to them.

You may be able to run your notary career part-time if you have a full-time job or run multiple jobs. Being a notary offers flexibility to work when you want to and at your desired location functioning as a convenient part-time job. You may provide as many notarization services as your schedule allows. If it turns out to be a lucrative part-time job, you may decide to take it on full-time.


* What is necessary to become a Notary?

- Candidates who want to become Notaries must be a permanent Utah resident wo is 18 years or older; complete a workshop (recommended, but not required); apply to the State of Utah; register for the required online test; pass the online test with 61 or higher (out of 65); obtain a $5,000 bond; and purchase an approved Notary stamp once the Notary Commission has been received.

* What will I learn in the Utah Notary Training Workshop?

- You will learn everything you need to know to pass the State of Utah's online notary exam. Your instructor will go over all aspects of being a Notary and provide a training manual that you can keep for future reference.

* Does SLCC provide the testing to become a Notary?

- No, the State of Utah does not allow providers of workshops to also administer the test. The Notary exam is done online. Your instructor will provide information about how to register for the online exam.

* What is the refund policy?

- A full refund is available if notice of cancellation is requested 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop. Students can email or call 801-957-5407 to cancel. Students are allowed to transfer to a future course if they cannot attend the one they registered for.



Mykel Severson | 801-957-5407|