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Warehouse Operations

This program is designed to help students learn basic warehousing skills and material handling equipment certifications that will increase their hiring value within the warehousing and distribution related industries. Topics include introduction to warehouse operations, supply chain and the role of warehousing, order fulfillment and shipping concepts, and lift truck certification training.


Salary / Monthly Openings

Entry-Level Wages: $12.92 | Median Wages: $15.18
Openings: 222

Occupational Data, 2022, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling

Entry-Level Wages: $11.56 | Median Wages: $15.56
Openings: 457

Occupational Data, 2022, Salt Lake County, Lightcast Economic Modeling


  • 2 course
  • 10 weeks
  • $655.25
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Title Time Commitment Investment
Intro to Warehouse Operations 4 weeks | Online $156
Supply Chain Fundamentals 6 weeks | 2x week $499.25


Training takes place in a warehouse environment

Warehouse Operations is completed in one semester

Warehouse Operations - Forklift training can be completed in a month or less

Various types of machines are utilized


* What topics are covered for the Warehouse Operations Certificate?

- Students gain a basic understanding of the many functions and roles of a warehouse or distribution center. Receiving inventory, tracking, fulfilling orders and safe handling of materials and equipment. Processes and principles of how a supply chain works, keeping goods and services flowing efficiently is also covered.

* How are classes presented?

- In what’s called a Hybrid format. The first course in the series is presented online and basically self-paced. Students have up to a month to complete the course content/assignments. The second course has much of the content and assignments online and includes in-class sessions as well.

* Do I need formal training to operate a forklift?

- Yes. OSHA regulations require operator certification with both classroom-style training and practical hands-on training and evaluation. Our program presents 100% OSHA compliant safety and theory training as well as practice time and evaluation on a forklift.

* How long does it take to complete?

- A month – that’s it. And it could be less. If you already have driving experience and can demonstrate proper safety and techniques, you can complete evaluation in fewer sessions.


50% funding for the Warehouse Operations Certificate available through STIT.

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