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Workforce Training & Education

Custom Fit Training


Salt Lake Community College’s (SLCC) Custom Fit Training is a business resource for workforce development and employee training in Salt Lake County. This flexible, customized training program is designed to provide Utah businesses with a well-trained workforce. Additionally, workforce development courses are available where leaders and team members join together from several organizations to participate in many types of open enrollment training opportunities, including: leadership and communication, quality process improvement and technology courses.

Utilizing funds provided by the Utah State Legislature, Custom Fit Training is designed to stimulate economic development and facilitate the creation of new jobs in our state. This training solution is designed for well-established, entrepreneurial businesses and growing companies. Custom Fit Training’s goal is to help organizations grow, train, and retain an efficient and productive employee workforce base.


Companies receive training consulting services and tuition assistance on high quality, short-term, non-credit training that aligns with industry-specific needs.

  • Custom Fit is a one-stop solution for Utah businesses whose employees need training
  • Qualified instructors/trainers are secured by Salt Lake Community College
  • Courses are based on the company’s schedule and employee availability
  • Training is delivered on-site at the company or at one of SLCC’s many locations


Companies meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Company is located in Salt Lake County
  • Company is for-profit
  • Company pays taxes to the State of Utah
  • Training participants are W2/W4 employees of the company
  • Company provides participant information (name and date of birth)
  • Custom Fit Training coordinator is involved in the procurement and training implementation process

Tuition Assistance

Our Utah governor and legislative leaders believe in reinvesting a portion of state revenues to help businesses with their pursuit of a well-trained employee workforce. The Custom Fit Training program uses the state funds to provide training to for-profit businesses whose goal is to grow, train, and retain a productive workforce. Funding covers a percentage of the tuition of training.

Custom Fit and the Training Process

  1. Coordinator ensures company qualifies for Custom Fit Training funds
  2. Company and Coordinator determine best training solution
  3. Training agreement created
    • Participant name and information
    • Training specifics
    • Cost
    • Class confirmation sent to the company
  4. Training Occurs
  5. Wrap-up
    • Attendance/evaluations
    • Invoicing
    • Thank you!

Company Information Form

Training Request Form

Companies Not Qualifying for Custom Fit Training

For organizations that do not qualify for funding, customized training programs are also available to ensure employees receive the training they need. The same process is followed to ensure that the best training is obtained at the lowest cost.

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