Advisory Board

The Workforce & Economic Development Advisory Board (WEDAB) is comprised of a group of individuals representing industry and government partners from across the Wasatch Front. The group meets regularly to receive updates on WED division efforts and to provide thought leadership on matters of mutual importance to the College and its stakeholders. WEDAB members are ambassadors of the Division who advocate on its behalf and advance its mission by opening doors to further opportunities in the Salt Lake Valley.


Advisory Board


 Megan Ware

 Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA)

Chair Elect
kimberly-dansie.jpg Kimberly Dansie   Community Nursing Services
wedab-rachelle-ackley-copy.jpg  Rachelle Ackley  Utah Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity
wedab-blank.jpg  Garrett Clark  Silicon Slopes
wedab-blank.jpg  Mike Gallegos  Salt Lake County
wedab-blank.jpg  Jevon Gibb  Salt Lake County Economic Development
female, Janet Goble

 Janet Goble

 Canyons School District


 Rich Jenkins

 Merit Medical


 Jacob Maxwell

 Salt Lake City Corporation


 Stephanie Pack



 Matthew Pruss



 Melisa Stark

 Department of Workforce Services

male, Jim White

 Jim White

 Energy Management Corporation


 Yvette Woodland

 Department of Workforce Services


SLCC Representatives
male, Rick Bouillon

 Rick Bouillon

  Associate Vice President, Workforce & Economic Development

wedab-jenni-abbott-copy.jpg  Dr. Jenni Abbott  Assistant Vice President, Workforce Training & Education
wedab-diana-guetchow-copy.jpg  Diana Guetschow  Director, Workforce Training & Education
wedab-roger-thom-copy.jpg  Roger Thom  Marketing Manager, Workforce & Economic Development
female, Jennifer Saunders

 Jennifer Saunders

 Dean, School of Applied Technology and Technical Specialties

Rex Richards

 Rex Richards

 Engineering Faculty


 Deborah Jordan Bright

 Administrative Assistant, Workforce & Economic Development