Applied Emissions

Program Requirements

The Salt Lake Valley Health Department requires that anyone wanting to be a certified I/M inspector complete a 24 hour training class conducted by the health department. Before taking that class a candidate must first prove their knowledge of vehicle emissions systems by either:

  • Passing a pre-test administered by the health department with a score determined by that department. For more information about the pre-test call 801-313-6720.


  • Successfully completing the 32 hour Applied Emissions class conducted by Salt Lake Community College designed to prepare the student for the county class. Successful completion means attending all class sessions and completing the final test with a score of 80 percent or better.


Applied Emissions

32 hour class covering required curriculum to prepare for the Salt Lake County Emissions class. This class is not part of the vehicle safety inspection program. Upon completion of this class the student will be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge of vehicle emissions systems prior to taking the class that qualifies a student to be an SLCO certified emissions tester.


Emissions recertification is done at Salt Lake Valley Health Department. Contact 801-313-6720 for more information.