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Composites Technology Training

Composites technicians fabricate and assemble lightweight, resilient parts for a variety of applications using epoxy resins, fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar fabrics, structural adhesives and coatings. The innovative field of composites includes the aerospace, automotive, medical, sporting equipment and construction industries, all of which require specialized technical training.

Industry Career Choices:

  • Advanced composites parts and assembly 
  • Assistant composite engineering technician 
  • Automotive parts development 
  • Bridge and building renovation projects 
  • Composite sales and manufacturing 
  • Quality control and inspection 
  • Research and development assignments 
  • Sporting goods, skiing and bicycle component fabrication
  • Medical equipment and prosthetics

Utah has one of the highest concentrations of advanced composites companies in the world and the composites industry continues to grow. To find out more about participating in SLCC’s Composites Program, or to set up custom training for your composites company, contact Alan Done. To register for the courses listed below, call 801-957-5200.

Classes are held at Salt Lake Community College’s Meadowbrook Campus, Building A-124, 250 West 3900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84107.

Course Descriptions

Introduction to Composites Level 1

This level 1 course provides a basic understanding about materials developed for composites production, such as the components and structures used in aerospace, boating, automotive, building trades, wind turbines and recreational vehicles. Students will learn how composites materials are designed, processed and manufactured. The course includes building composites parts in a hands-on lab.

40 hours. 2 weeks (M-Th)

Cost: $400

Morning and afternoon classes are available.

Advanced Composites Level 2

This level 2 course focuses on the processing of materials used in the composites industry. The course teaches skills in processing and handling of prepreg materials, mold building, vacuum bagging and core materials. Students review and build samples and perform testing on composites parts to understand the properties of different materials.

80 hours. 4 weeks (M-Th)

Cost: $800

Morning and afternoon classes are available.

Advanced Composites Level 3

This level 3 course provides students with experience in the set-up, programming and operation of the following automated equipment used in the advanced composites industry: autoclave, filament winding machine, pattern cutting machine, laser placement system and more. Students will learn to understand engineering drawings, product data sheets and material safety data sheets. The course includes a capstone project utilizing skills developed in course levels 1, 2, and 3.

80 hours. 4 weeks (M-Th)

Cost: $800

Morning and afternoon classes are available.