Career Exploration Assessments

Note: We will be upgrading our Career Assessments to a new platform on 10/13/17. We have been informed that assessments that have been taken, but not printed out before the upgrade will be deleted. If you miss this reminder and you take the assessment without meeting with an advisor, you will need to retake the test before we meet. We are sorry for your inconvenience.

Reliable assessments have been selected to assist with major and career exploration. These research-based assessments are used throughout higher education and are effective tools in deciding on a major and career path. Meet one-on-one with a career advisor to interpret your results after taking an assessment.

You may have taken a career assessment in the past, but not taken it seriously or things have changed. Three reasons to take one are:

  • Understanding your type can help with choosing major and career paths
  • Knowing your preference can help you do well academically
  • Communicating your strengths is an essential part of the hiring process

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)


Designed to help you understand how your personality affects career satisfaction and career success.

The MBTI Assessment Helps You:

  • Jump start your major and career exploration process.
  • Identify your preferences and align them with the careers of others like you.
  • Professional interpretation of your Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Please continue reading for instructions.

Strong Interest Inventory (SII)

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Designed to help you understand how your interests compare with individuals in their successful careers.

The SII Assessment Helps You:

  • Find courses you would actually enjoy
  • Identify career fields and occupations you would likely find rewarding
  • Choose a major that reflects your interests
  • Discover potentially satisfying work environments
  • Professionally interpret results

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What is the cost?

$40 for the MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory (recommended option).
$25 for MBTI Personality Assessment only.
$25 for Strong Interest Inventory Assessment only.

We recommend and prefer that you take the MBTI and SII assessments as they provide the most accurate, useful and in-depth results, but we also offer the free TypeFocus Careers assessment.

We also offer assessment interpretations for corporate groups. Contact LuAnn Furner at for more details.

Assessment Steps:

  1. Pay for the Assessment

    You will need to pay for the assessment you wish to take, MBTI, Strong or both by paying online

  2. Take the Assessment

    After we have received your confirmation of payment, we will send you an email that will allow you to take the assessment(s) you have purchased.

  3. Schedule and Appointment for Your Career Assessment Interpretation

    Schedule your one-on-one assessment interpretation with LuAnn Furner, especially if you have taken both assessments. If you have only taken the MBTI you are free to make an appointment with any career advisor near you.
    It can be more effective if you come alone, but you can bring a friend or adult family member.

We look forward to seeing you, and assisting you along your career journey!


Type Focus Logo

TypeFocus Careers is a free online career program that will assess your personality, values and interests to help you choose majors and careers that match your natural strengths. After completion of the assessment, please schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss your results.

The TypeFocus Assessment Offers:

  • Quick assessments including personality, interests, values, and success factors.
  • Helpful resources that let you explore occupations at various levels, set goals, use job search tools, and develop your portfolio.

To set up your account, go to:

  • MySLCC
  • Advising
  • Career Advising
  • TypeFocus New Users