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If your current employment, internship, or volunteer work is related to your academic major, you may be eligible to use it to fulfill elective credit requirements. To earn these credits, you must register for a Cooperative Education CO-OP/Internship course, which is a 2000 level class available in most majors. (This option is not available in Health Sciences)

Note: The course credit has the same tuition cost as any SLCC class. To receive course credit, you must pay tuition according to the number of credits for which you are registered.

Interested in pursuing this type of credit? Meet with a Career Coach or fill out the form at the bottom of this page and we’ll help you get started.

Wendy Potter
Primary CO-OP Advisor
South City Campus
Room 1-061R-D


How Do I Register for Cooperative Education?

To register, please contact a Career Coach.

See Eligible Courses for information about SLCC courses that qualify for the credit.

Once enrolled, you can find the forms necessary to complete your CO-OP/Internship course on our Forms page.


We will determine if you meet eligibility based on the following information:

  • You have completed the required prerequisite courses (prerequisites vary by major).
  • You have paid employment related to your academic major-related and you’re working 20+ hours per week, or you’re participating in an internship related to your major for 10 to 20 hours per week.
  • There are opportunities for you to participate in new learning activities at your current position or internship, and the new learning activities are directly related to your major.
  • Your job/internship supervisor agrees to support, supervise and evaluate your course objectives.
  • The course will be supervised and evaluated by an SLCC faculty member.
  • All participating individuals (you, your employment supervisor, and your supervising faculty member) sign the course agreement form.

Orientation Information

  • Attendance is required at a CO-OP/Internship orientation.
  • Orientations are held at each campus.
  • Dates and times are found in the current class schedule, and each orientation lasts 1 1/2 hours.
  • Please be prepared to pay $10.00 for a CO-OP/Internship packet. This packet contains the information and required forms to help you complete your CO-OP/Internship experience.
  • CO-OP/Internship is considered an academic class for academic credit. You must pay registration fees and tuition just as you would for any other class.

What to Expect From Your Employment and Faculty Supervisors

You can expect your Employment Supervisor to:

  • Support you in using this experience as an educational tool.
  • Take an active role in developing specific learning objectives with you. (Learning objectives must be specific to your area of study. Your final learning outcome must be approved by your faculty supervisor.)
  • Participate, supervise and evaluate the learning experience that justifies awarding your academic credit.
  • Assess and grade how well you have completed your objectives and how well you have performed in other basic work areas. (Your evaluation will be used by the course faculty to determine the final grade for your CO-OP/Internship course.)
  • Complete the final course evaluation form with you.
  • Contact the faculty if there are any issues or concerns regarding your CO-OP/Internship or your work performance.
  • The success of the CO-OP/Internship course depends on good communication and documentation by all individuals involved. You are the common link between your Employment and Faculty Supervisors, and you are required to maintain contact with both throughout the semester.

You can expect your Faculty Supervisor to:

  • Take responsibility for the overall learning integrity of the course.
  • Provide students with instructions, assignments and course expectations at the beginning of the semester.
  • Approve all course learning objectives at the beginning of the semester.
  • Have interim contact with the onsite supervisor.

Students will be given faculty information in the orientation.

For Additional Information

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