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Concurrent Enrollment

MyCE For Coordinators

Welcome to MyCE for Coordinators. MyCE give high school CE coordinators access to data they need to effectively manage their program. Below are approximately 39 minutes of training videos on how to use MyCE. We encourage high school coordinators to review each of these videos to get a better idea of the tools that are available to them through MyCE.

CE Coordinators - How to Access MyCE & Create Your Account

Duration - 2 min 27 sec

CE District Administrators - How to Access MyCE & Create Your Account

Duration 2 min 32 sec

Navigating the MyCE Interface

Duration - 1 min 15 sec

Viewing Student Information

Duration - 8 min 34 sec

Viewing Class Lists

Duration - 2 min 53 sec

Submitting Support Requests

Duration - 2 min 38 sec

Accessing Course Syllabi

Duration 1 min 28 sec

View Teachers

Duration 2 min 33 sec

SSID Issues

Duration 6 min 59 sec

Course Proposals

Duration 6 min 4 sec


Duration 2 min 27 sec

High School CE Personnel

Duration 1 min 16 sec

Updating Your Profile

Duration 57 sec

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