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Concurrent Enrollment

Offering SLCC CE Courses at Your School

Before you can offer CE classes at your high school your district (or if you are a charter school, the school itself) must enter into a contract with Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). The contract for public schools is created by the Utah System of Higher Education and sent out to concurrent enrollment directors, generally toward the end of April or first part of May and is due back to the state by the end of May. Schools who do not sign the contract during this period are ineligible to offer concurrent enrollment at their school for the upcoming academic year.

Districts and charter schools who signed a contract with SLCC the year previous will receive an email with the attached contract once SLCC receives the contract from the state. Districts and charter schools who have not offered CE through SLCC and who are interested in doing so should contact the SLCC CE director or CE secretary to be added to the list.

Once the contract has been signed by the district (or Local Education Agency [LEA] as it is referred to by the state of Utah) and SLCC, the LEA is approved to participate in the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment program.

Because contracts do not go out until May, which is after the new CE instructor application deadline for approving teachers, high schools may submit CE instructor applications before a signed contract is in place.

Private Schools

Private schools do not sign the state contract because they do not receive state funding for concurrent enrollment classes taught at their schools. To offer concurrent enrollment classes at a private school the school will sign a separate contract with SLCC that is created by the SLCC CE department and usually involves additional fees for participating in the concurrent enrollment program to offset the cost of administering the program. SLCC generally adheres to the May deadline with private schools, but the deadline is a bit more flexible.

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