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Concurrent Enrollment

Placement Testing for High Schools


For biology, English, math and other classes requiring prerequisite test scores, the Accuplacer, ACT or SAT test scores must be recorded on the SLCC system before the student can register. ACT scores must be submitted by the student by either selecting SLCC when registering to take the ACT test or by logging into the ACT website, requesting that their scores be sent to SLCC, and paying a $12 fee. It can take between one and two weeks for ACT scores to appear in the SLCC banner system once they have been requested. ACT Math scores may be used for placement for 18 months. ACT English scores may be used for placement for ten years.


High School CE coordinators or administrators may administer the SLCC placement test. High school personnel who administer the test must be trained and certified by the SLCC testing center. Contact the Concurrent Enrollment office for specific training dates and times. 

Placement testing is also available at the SLCC Assessment Center two days after applying for admission (4600 So. Taylorsville Redwood Road), at the Jordan Campus (3491 W. Wights Fort Road), at the South City Campus (1575 S. State Street), or at participating high schools at certain times. A picture ID (school activity card or driver license) is required at the Assessment Center, and the student must be previously admitted to SLCC and have their S# available. The first test is included in the cost of college admission, but there is a $15 fee per sitting for retesting. The $15 sitting fee covers both math and English testing if completed at the same time.

For testing hours, call 801-957-4269 Taylorsville Redwood Campus, 801-957-2606 Jordan Campus, or 801-957-3284 South City Campus. Re-testing must occur at one of the SLCC Assessment Centers, not the high school. The math test may be re-taken once per semester for $15 and must be 3 weeks between attempts. Math scores may be used for placement for one year. English tests may be re-taken once per semester for $15 and must wait 24 hours between attempts. English scores never expire.


A list of required test scores can be found in the course offering table in the left hand navigation.


ACT or SAT test scores must be recorded on the SLCC system before the student can register. ACT scores must be embedded in an official high school transcript (signed, dated, and stamped) and sent to the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office. Students who have completed a math course prerequisite with a grade of “C” or higher within one year may register for the next level math course without taking the placement test. Students who do not have a qualifying placement score cannot remain in the class. A registration block is in place for math, English, and certain other courses that prevents the registration of students who do not have the required test scores. 


Many of SLCC’s courses have either test scores or course prerequisites, and concurrent enrollment students are subject to those prerequisites. School district and high school administrative personnel, working in collaboration with SLCC’s CE Office, are responsible for ensuring that students have met the test scores and/or course prerequisites for the concurrent enrollment course(s). High school CE coordinators or administrators are responsible for administering the placement tests. Eligible placement tests include the ACT, SAT, and the Accuplacer examination. 

Concurrent students must fill out the concurrent application, pay their $40 and wait 2 days before they can test. 

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