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Concurrent Enrollment


Many concurrent enrollment courses have prerequisites or requirements that need to met before you are eligible to take the course. Counselors, coordinators, and teachers will help you know if you are qualified for courses at your high school. If you do not have the necessary pre-requisites for any given course by the registration deadline you cannot remain in the class. There are three types of prerequisites:

1. Class Status Prerequisites

Some classes are only available to seniors, others to both juniors and seniors, and others allow sophomores and freshman by exception. For a complete list of courses with class status prerequisites visit the "Course Offerings" page. For more information about Freshman (9th grade) and Sophomore (10th grade) exceptions visit the Sophomore and Freshman page.

2. Course Prerequisites

Some classes must be taken in sequential order. For example, you must take and successfully pass Spanish 1010 before taking Spanish 1020. Some sequence classes also have grade requirements, meaning you must complete the first class with a minimum grade before moving on to the next class. For a complete list of courses with course prerequisites, visit the Concurrent Enrollment Course Offerings page.

3. Test Scores Prerequisites

Placement testing helps determine whether or not you are adequately prepared to take certain college level courses. The placement tests which are accepted at SLCC are ACT, SAT, and Accuplacer. SLCC must have official ACT, SAT, or Accuplacer scores on file by the registration deadline to be eligible for placement into certain courses. LOEP scores do not count as qualifying scores. Talk with your high school CE coordinator to find out if SLCC has a copy of your test scores on file. For more information on placement tests visit the Placement Testing page. For a complete list of courses and their test score prerequisites, visit the Concurrent Enrollment Course Offerings page. 

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