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Concurrent Enrollment

Professional Development

Salt Lake Community College and National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP) standards require CE high school adjunct teachers to attend discipline-specific professional development each year. The SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Department requires two hours of college-sponsored or college-approved, discipline-specific professional development.

High school adjunct teachers work with their liaison to obtain the required two hours of discipline-specific professional development training. The liaison may offer a two-hour workshop, provide one-on-one training with you for two hours outside of class, or approve a discipline-specific conference or workshop to count toward the two hours of discipline-specific professional development.

Teachers are paid $25/hour for attending college-sponsored professional development. Other professional development opportunities that are approved by your liaison will satisfy the two-hour requirement, but teachers will not be paid.

Additional, CE Office-sponsored, non-discipline-specific trainings for CE adjunct teachers may occur throughout the year. Teachers who attend these trainings will also be compensated at the $25/hour rate. 

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