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Concurrent Enrollment

Student Admission & Registration

Before students can be registered in an SLCC concurrent enrollment class, they must first be admitted to the college by filling out the online application and paying a non-refundable $40 admission fee. Students previously admitted to SLCC, including those who have taken a CE class before, do not need to apply or pay again. Students can find instructions on how to apply for admission under "Step 2" on the CE student website.

Once a student has been admitted to SLCC they will then need to register themselves for your class. Before a student can register however, the CE teacher will need to provide them with the CRN number for the particular period in which the student is taking the class. The CRN can be obtained either through MyCE, by contacting your high school CE coordinator, or by contacting the SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Office. Once a student has the CRN he or she can follow the instructions on Step 3 to register themselves.

Students must register themselves before the registration deadline (see Calendar). Failure to register by the deadline will result in the student being transferred out of the class, or if it is a mixed CE/non-CE class, not being awarded college credit.

Registration Policies

  • Students taking a class that lasts all-year (both first and second semesters) must be registered in the first semester.
  • State guidelines do not allow students to repeat a concurrent enrollment class at the high school. Repeat classes must be taken through Early Enrollment admission or after high school graduation. The student must pay full tuition for any classes taken through the Early Enrollment process.

Student Eligibility

High school teachers and high school CE coordinators are responsible to screen students for eligibility. Currently only junior and senior students are permitted to enroll in Concurrent Enrollment classes, with 9th and 10th graders by exception and only in certain classes listed on the Course Offerings page. Some courses are available for seniors only. The State Board of Regents recommends students have a GPA of at least 3.0 to increase the likelihood of a successful experience. Students must also meet all course pre-requisites outlined on the Course Offerings page.

Students who have graduated from high school are not eligible for concurrent enrollment.

Registration Problems

Students who experience problems registering for their classes should contact the CE coordinator at the high school. If the coordinator cannot help them resolve the problem they will work with the CE Office to resolve the issue.

Below is a list of common problems that may prevent a student from registering.

  • Student is not admitted
  • Student has submitted an application but SLCC has not yet input the information.
  • Student is using an incorrect CRN number to register.
  • Student is admitted but does not have qualifying Accuplacer, SAT or ACT test scores recorded in the College system.
  • Student has a hold on the transcript due to an unpaid tuition balance.
  • Student was admitted in a previous semester but never took a class.
  • Student has over 21 credits hours for the current semester.

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