Seeking an alternative route to teacher licensing in Utah? SLCC supports you with affordable and flexible courses to achieve and maintain licensure.


Transition to Teaching

An alternative route to licensure

Transition to Teaching is a program for individuals with a bachelor's degree in a subject area taught in Utah schools who have not yet earned a Utah state teaching license. Candidates should check with the school district in which they teach to determine if Transition to Teaching meets that district's alternative route to licensure plan. 


Positive Psychology (Online)
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Positive Psychology emphasizes the study of human strengths, positive emotions and well-being that can be applied to professional work settings as well as personal life. These 8-week, 100 percent online courses are offered every semester following the academic calendar's start and end dates. Fit the weekly deadlines into your schedule as you work through the classes, courses do not have to be taken in sequence.


Ed2Go Online Teacher Development
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Our instructor-led courses are informative, fun, convenient and highly interactive. We focus on creating warm, supportive communities for our learners. New course sessions begin monthly. 


Substitute Teacher Workshop

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Learn the strategies to be a successful substitute teacher.