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My name is Jesca Niyitegeka. I am a refugee from Burundi. When I came to the USA, I had no computer skills until my friend introduced me to the Basic Tech Class at SLCC.

I applied and was approved to take the 6-month class. I learned a lot in the class, such as how to use email and websites, how to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, how to write a resume, and how to type. Typing was the most difficult part for me due to my hand disability. I enjoyed every single moment I spent in class and loved practicing each lesson. I appreciate the teachers for their patience and work hard to make sure they were helping me in any way.

I am thankful to Salt Lake Community College for giving me the opportunity to improve my computer skills. The job that I am doing now involves computer skills and I have had no problem performing my job since taking the class. The laptop that I was given at the end of the class is also very useful. I  use it for my monthly budget and for checking and sending work emails.

I would encourage anyone who would like to improve their computer skills to enroll in the Basic Tech Class.



As fast as my son and daughter seem to grow up, technology changes just as quickly. Between their questions about computers and my own desire to be technologically advanced at work to earn more as a single mother, I knew I needed to take some classes. 

Thanks to Salt Lake Community College, and having a campus near my home along with continuing education options that fit with my busy schedule, I have improved my position in the workplace and I am more helpful at home. Since my primary language is Russian as a Ukrainian native, my English also needed improving – and the courses at SLCC helped me achieve that goal. 

I encourage people of any age to take continuing education courses to help you succeed at your job and at home. I feel more confident now in both places. It’s never too late to learn something new.

Basic Technology - Yana

Refugee Graduation 2018-2019

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"I didn't have any education, and it's hard to get a good job that leads to a good career without it. I thought about it and went for it."

Invest in You Too, Medical Device Manufacturing— Alexus"


SLCC hires district staff from across Salt Lake Valley to teach us. A student who goes through the Transition to Teaching program at the College, like I did, learns what they need to know to be successful in the classroom." — ChuckSee Chuck's Video



"I needed a degree to help me with my career advancement, so I was drawn to what I like to call my #professionalhippiedegree aka the Energy Management degree." — Jaclyn 


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