Certificate in Cyber Defense

The Salt Lake Community College School of Business through the Computer Science and Information Systems department is in the process of become a Center for Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense as jointly sponsored by the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Once our institution is approved, you will be able to obtain a Certificate in Cyber Defense.

The courses that you must take to get your Certificate in Cyber Defense include:

Course Name
CSIS 2320 Computer and Network Security
CSIS 1200 Introduction to Networking
CSIS 2110 Microsoft Server I
CSIS 1030 Foundations of Computer Science

With all the choices we have in certificates, there are many ways to fulfill the Cyber Defense requirements.

Notice: See an advisor for other options.

These courses and more are built into the Network Systems AAS Degree

You could also do the Computer Sciences and Information Systems AAS Degree

You would need to choose the right Certificate of Proficiencies to get the Certificate in Cyber Defense.

If you took the Network System Administration CP, that would include CSIS 2110 Microsoft Server 1 and CSIS 1200, Introduction to Networking.

To finish, you could select the Network and Cyber Security CP to gain CSIS 2320 Computer and Network Security.

Finally, CSIS 1030 must be chosen as one of the elective to get the certificate.
You could also choose an Associate of Science AS degree by choosing either method above and adding the required general education requirements of an AS degree.