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Benefits of DegreeWorks

Benefits for Students – With DegreeWorks you will always know what your graduation progress is. You will be able to see what classes you have taken, what classes you have left, and how far along you have progressed with the progression bar. By using your DegreeWorks Academic Audit every time you register for a class you can ensure you are taking classes that will count towards your graduation.

While viewing your DegreeWorks Academic Audit you will be able to:

  • See how all your SLCC and evaluated transfer classes apply towards you graduation requirements.
  • View course descriptions, prerequisites, and schedule information for specific courses you need to take to fulfill a requirement.
  • Calculate your GPA based on your grades for the current term and review if the grades will help you obtain your desired GPA for graduation.
  • See what courses you would need to take if you changed your program or your catalog year.