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The Brother 2 Brother program is a chapter of the Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB). Founded in 1990, SAAB/B2B has a national network of more than 250 chapters in the USA and abroad, on middle school, high school, college and university campuses in 39 states. Brother 2 Brother is a national student organization designed to improve the educational experience, to embrace leadership by being positive examples for each other through a strong commitment to academic achievement, brotherhood and community service, promoting successful retention and college completion among African American and Hispanic/Latino males.
Its cause is threefold:
  • Ensure that young men of color throughout the nation have the education-to-career support that they need to achieve lives of purpose and success.
  • Build and sustain strong bonds among young men of all backgrounds
  • Enable young men of color to be recognized for their talent, drive and contributions to society.

Dr. Tyrone Bledsoe is the Founder of SAAB/Brother 2 Brother. It was introduced and launched at Salt Lake Community College by Dr. Roderic Land, SLCC Dean of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2016. The SLCC initiative is composed of all Men of Color to include African American/African, Latino/Hispanic, Pacific Islander, Native American/Indigenous, and Asian American/Asian male students. B2B is a culturally sensitive and a research proven national initiative designed to address the needs of males of color given the alarming national data involving these students academically and educationally. General meetings for Brother 2 Brother are open to all.  

B2B meeting time & Location:

Thursdays 2:00 PM ODMA Conference Room STC 236A


AC Cox | | 801-957-4435

Other Contact:
Glory Johnson-Stanton | | (801) 957-4380