Brother 2 Brother

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The Brother 2 Brother program is a chapter of the African American Brotherhood (SAAB), a national student organization designed to improve the educational experience and promote successful college completion.

Brother 2 Brother initiatives are composed of African American, Latino/Hispanic, White, Native American and Asian male students, and underrepresented students in many chapters around the country. It is a culturally sensitive and a research proven initiative designed to address the needs of males of color in particular given the alarming national data involving these students academically and educationally.

Brother 2 Brother does not discriminate or limit membership based on race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or any other traditional primary diversity dimensions that would typically exclude others. All Brother 2 Brother meetings are open to the public regardless of their existence on a public or private campus.

Meetings are held every Thursday 2PM in the ODMA Conference room Redwood/Taylorsville Campus Student Center STC 236.