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Olene S. Walker Transition to Adult Living (TAL)


The Olene S. Walker Transition to Adult Living (TAL) Scholarship is designed to assist qualified youth who are transitioning out of state foster care or the unaccompanied refugee minor program to complete a post-secondary education program (degree or certificate) at one of the Utah System of Higher Education institutions. Private donors in partnership with the Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) sponsor the TAL Scholarship.


Applicants will be selected based on their strong desire to complete a post-secondary program of study, potential for academic success, and financial need.


The maximum yearly TAL Scholarship award is $5,000 for full-time enrollment (12 or more credit hours), $3,750 for three-quarters time enrollment (9–11 hours), and $2,500 for part-time enrollment (6–8 hours). The TAL Scholarship may be renewed depending on satisfactory academic progress, meeting scholarship requirements, and availability of funds. Students must re-apply each year to renew the TAL Scholarship.


TAL Scholarship funds may be used to cover tuition, fees, books, supplies, and living expenses.


  1. The TAL Scholarship will not provide funding for Study Abroad or Exchange student programs.
  2. No student seeking double majors or double bachelor’s degrees will receive TAL Scholarship funding without prior approval from the scholarship sponsor. Students seeking double majors must submit a one-time, written request to the scholarship administrator indicating why a double major is an essential part of their education plan. Students requesting the scholarship for a double bachelor’s degree must submit a one-time, written request making a case as to why earning double bachelor’s degrees is of critical importance in achieving the scholar’s education objectives. Requests must be submitted at least a semester in advance of starting such a program.
  3. Students should not enroll in online classes without prior approval from the TAL Scholarship administrator.

To be eligible for consideration, the student must:

  1. Submit documentation from the Utah Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) or the Utah Refugee Minor Program to verify eligibility for the scholarship. For assistance, please contact Jennifer Larson at 801- 707-9734 or
  2. Be under 26 years old at the time of application.
  3. Be admitted to a Utah System of Higher Education institution, including Applied Technology Centers (ATCs) and Skill Centers.
  4. Be a U.S. citizen or legal resident as well as a Utah resident.
  5. Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form (available at and qualify for a Pell Grant. The scholarship committee may review the circumstances of applicants who do not qualify for a Pell Grant and waive the requirement in specific instances.
  6. Complete and submit the attached TAL Scholarship application form.

Students who are selected for the TAL Scholarship will be required to:

  1. Attend a mandatory reception that students need to attend in order to receive their first stipend of the semester. During this reception, students will meet their mentors, receive information about the program, and understand the guidelines and expectations of being a part of this scholarship program. Students will also be provided with a kit of helpful, school supplies during the reception
  2. Enroll for part-time (6–8 credit hours), three-quarters time (9–11 credit hours), or full-time (12 or more credit hours). If attending an ATC or Skills Center, enroll for part-time (15–18 clock hours), three-quarters time (19– 23 clock hours), or full-time (24 or more clock hours).
  3. Maintain a 2.0 GPA (up to 59 credit hours) and a 2.5 GPA (60 credit hours or more) thereafter until graduation.
  4. Complete 70% of credit hours. The TAL Scholarship can be discontinued at any time if the student fails to make academic progress.
  5. Mentors; Students who are a part of the TALS program will be assigned a mentor who will meet with them throughout the semester to ensure they are doing well and to provide them with any support or guidance for their success. The assigned mentors will be SLCC faculty and staff members. Students are required to have a meeting with their mentors at least once by the end of each month. During the meeting the student and their mentor may discuss the student’s academic, personal, living and other situations. A mentor checklist form needs to be completed by the mentor during this meeting and turned in to the TALS Advisor, Ms. Glory Johnson-Stanton by the 10th of the following month.
  6. Commit 5 hours or more per week of extra-curricular activities, such as college/university employment, service in a student leadership organization, or some other activity approved by the student’s mentor.
  7. Complete monthly progress reports with each professor, and then submit those reports to the mentor during the monthly meeting.
  8. End of year check-in: Students who are a part of the program are required to attend an end of year check-in event. This event helps us know who is graduating and who is continuing with the program the next year.

Apply to the scholarship 

If you are a student meeting these scholarship qualifications, please contact:

Glory Johnson-Stanton | | 801-957-4380