Visit the SLCC Employee Intranet Site "MySLCC"

Here you can collaborate with members of your Departments/Divisions within the College to help with normal operations as well as work with any projects and committees.  This site could easily be considered a replacement for your Department Share (I:\) and Home Drive (H:\), and it’s searchable(easy to find files and people) and you can access them from home as well!

Visit your “MySite” (Actually a part of the MySLCC system) to save your files, and even share information about yourself and your projects with others at SLCC!  There is a "Personal Documents" folder that only you can access, and a "Shared Documents" folder that you can share with any SLCC staff/faculty.

**Please be aware that these links only function from on campus.  To visit them from off campus, you need to connect via the VPN system.  You can log in to the VPN by going to the following link:  All Staff and Faculty should be able to log in to this system using their normal username and password.  The requirement of the system is that your computer have current patches and virus definitions (Macintosh users need to contact the Help Desk to obtain a file to install on your system).  Once logged in, you will have links to MySLCC.