Frequently Asked Questions

An AAS is an Associate of Applied Science degree in Financial Services. 

Being a finance expert will let you open your horizons, expand your communication skills, and learn how to manage money and help with risks properly.

An AS is an Associates of Science degree. It is designed to provide the foundation for transfer to a 4-year college or university. An AAS is an Associate of Applied Science degree and is designed to give students the skills they need to enter the workforce after two years of college. AAS degrees include less general education and more subject-focused content than AS degrees.

If you want to study for a Bachelor's degree in Finance, we recommend exploring our AS in Business. If you wish to become a Personal Financial Advisor or Certified Financial Planner, an AAS is a great option. Please call or visit our division office for details.

The number of credits you take each semester will determine how long it takes to earn a degree. It will take approximately 2 years to complete earn an AAS degree in Financial Services if you attend classes full-time.

It depends on the number of credits you decide to take each semester. You can view our Tuition & Fees schedule to get an idea of how much each semester's tuition and fees cost will be.

Yes, Salt Lake Community College offers a wide range of class options: hybrid, in-class and online classes. Once you are accepted, you can decide which delivery method works best for you.

Most of the in-person Financial Services classes are taught on the Taylorsville Redwood Campus in the Business Building.

With your Financial Services AAS, you will be able to work in different fields, such as financial advisor, retirement planner, financial manager, loan officer, or insurance agent. Many high-paying careers are available to people in these fields.