Advising Guide

SLCC has partnered with several USHE institutions to provide seamless transfer options for Interdisciplinary Studies students. We currently hold Articulation Agreements with other Interdisciplinary departments at the University of Utah, Southern Utah University, Weber State University, Utah State University, and Utah Valley University.

Requirements for transfer will depend on whether a student is pursuing an AA degree or an AS degree. Both degrees are 61 credits and require students to complete IDS 1050 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies, and IDS 2050 Interdisciplinary Studies Capstone, for a total of 3 credits.

AA Degree 61 Credits

  • 34 Credits of General Education
  • 19 Credits from major area
  • 5 credits of Foreign Language

*It is strongly recommended that students pursuing an AA degree use the five credits of foreign language as part of their major. For example, a major in Business and Spanish would use 12 credits from Business and 12 from Spanish along with 5 credits of foreign language.

AS Degree 61 Credits

  • 34 Credits of General Education
  • 24 credits from major area(s)

Transfer Schools

Students transferring to a USHE institutions for a bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies can usually transfer in with junior status. Students are strongly encouraged to complete their IDS AS or AA degree at SLCC before transferring. Additionally, different USHE schools have specific GPA, degree, and application requirements that must be met. It is important for students to explore the websites and meet with advisors from the transfer institution to understand the criteria of their major.