Course Descriptions

In addition to courses from their advisor-approved plan, students in the IDS program take 2 IDS-specific courses. These 2 courses will build on one another and emphasize the interconnections between General Education and cross-disciplinary learning. Should you transfer to another IDS program in the USHE system, the following 2 courses will prepare you well:

IDS 1050 Foundations of Interdisciplinary Studies, 1-Credit

This course introduces students to the practice of Interdisciplinary Studies and integrated learning. Through readings, critical thinking assignments, group discussions and writing assignments, students will explore how their college experience relates to general education and life beyond the classroom. Additionally, the course prepares students for the required capstone course. Students will be required to complete an Intellectual Autobiography and submit it to their ePortfolio with a reflection component.

IDS 2050 Capstone Course, 2-Credit

In this required course, you will synthesize what you have learned during your IDS academic journey by exploring a problem or question from degree plan through a project or research essay. Central to this integration will be a focus on how your major intersects with the general education courses you have taken. There will be opportunities to reflect on what you have learned and achieved in your interdisciplinary major, connect it to general education, and how your experience has prepared you for post-collegiate life. Students will be required to formally present their work to the class and submit their paper/project to their SLCC ePortfolio with a reflection component.