Gender Inclusive Initiatives

Salt Lake Community recognizes that many members of our community use names other than their legal names to identify themselves. For many of our students, a preferred first name is an important part of their identity.
Students are provided the option to change their preferred first name. SLCC will make every effort to ensure that this name appears in your student records wherever we are able to do so. This can include Canvas and class rosters. Please understand that the college is required to keep documents related to financial aid, and official academic transcripts, under your full legal name.
To change your display name on Canvas, please send a request to from your bruinmail account.
To change your "preferred name" on other school forms, such as class rosters, contact Zach Klc ( or 801.957.4811).
Pronouns are the words we use to refer to someone in third person, like “he,” “she,” or “they.” Pronouns are usually attached to gender. Gender is a central part of how we see ourselves and experience the world.
At Salt Lake Community College, we are working towards integrating opportunities for people to ask and give personal pronouns that we do not assume how someone wants to be addressed. If you don’t know someone’s pronouns or what gendered words are comfortable use someone’s name until you know.

They/Them/Theirs (Singular)

Taylorsville Redwood Campus

Redwood Campus

AAB - Academic & Administrative Building

LAC - Lifetime Activities Center STC - Student Center ATC - Applied Technology Building CDL - Eccles Child Development Lab School

Gunderson Facilities Services Complex - Blg. 048

Gunderson Facilities Services Complex - Blg. 049

Physical Plant Storage
  • 2 inside, 2 outside
Professional Lab
  • 1 inside

South City Campus

South City

Annex Building. SCC
  • 124A
  • 126A

Meadowbrook Campus


Building A Building B

West Valley Center

West Valley Center

West Pointe

West Pointe

Jordan Campus

Jordan Campus

JHS - Jordan Health Science HTC - Jordan High Tech Center

Miller Campus

Miller Campus

KGMC - Karen G. Miller Conference Center MCPC - Corporate Partnership Center CART - Culinary Institute PSET - Larry and Gail Miller Public Safety Education and Training Center

Library Square Center

Library Square Campus

While SLCC does not have an official trans-inclusive facilities policy, that does not mean that trans and gender nonconforming SLCC community members are not protected. SLCC has been diligent in ensuring that every student has protections when it comes to gender. Please click the links below to review your protections.
Title IX Information
Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities.