Required Courses & Schedule


Estimated Time to Completion

Time to completion is 3 semesters (31 credit hours) - 13 credits in semester 1, 6 credits in semester 2 or 3, and 12 credits in semester 2 or 3.


Semester 1

 MA 1100 - Medical Terminology (3 credit hours)

Course uses videos, supplemented lecture & covers over 350 medical word roots, suffixes, prefixes. Emphasis placed on pronunciation, spelling, proper usage of medical term. Medical abbreviations are also introduced.

PHAR 1010 - Intro to Pharmacy Practice (3 credit hours)

This course analyzes the fundamentals of pharmacies and health care institutions in the US today. Pharmaceutical and medical terms, career opportunities, safety considerations, dosage forms and quality control are explored. Federal and state pharmacy laws and regulations are reviewed.

PHAR 1015 - Pharmacy Skills Lab (2 credit hours)

This course introduces critical tasks and skills required of pharmacy technicians in the hospital, retail, institutional and community settings.

* There is a $50 course fee in addition to tuition.

PHAR 1020 - Pharmacology I (3 credit hours)

This course discusses the nature of drugs, drug absorption and patient variables that affect drug therapy. Drug classification and nomenclature are also discussed.

*There is a $35 course fee in addition to tuition.

PHAR 1040 - Calculations and Law in Pharmacy Practice (2 credit hours)

This course covers pharmacy state and federal regulatory agencies and accountability for technicians. There will be a strong emphasis on pharmacy math, dosage calculations and conversions.

Total Credit Hours (13)


Semester 2

PHAR 1030 - Sterile and Non Sterile Compounding (3 credit hours)

This course reviews packaging, preservation and storage of compounded drugs. Coated tablets, solutions and suspensions are examined. Sterile procedures with vials and IV bottles and bags are explained.

* There is a $75 course fee in addition to tuition.

PHAR 1045 - Communication for Pharmacy Technicians (3 credit hours)

This course teaches pharmacy technician students the principles, skills, and practices that are the foundation for clear communication and the essential development of trust with future patients, healthcare professionals and co-workers. Students learn theory and basic principles of communication, develop practical skills using those tools and practice application of those skills in everyday encounters.  Role-play situations allow students to effectively communicate and fine- tune their communication skills in dealing with a variety of sensitive situations that arise in pharmacy practice.

PHAR 1050 - Pharmacy Computers (2 credit hours)

This course stresses practical applications of the concepts learned in PHAR 1010. Students access hands-on experience with a computerized system for dispensing prescriptions and preparing third party pay documents. Details to work with prescription charges, billing processes and claim adjudication will be covered. Management of cash drawer creation, reconciliation, counting change will be demonstrated.

PHAR 1055 - Pharmacy Computers Application (1 credit hour)

Students learn prescription processing through cooperation with proprietary pharmacy software developed by PioneerRx and McKesson Enterprise. These systems enhance our curriculum with hands-on applications used in today’s most progressive pharmacies by simulating all pharmacy functions and workflow processes. This hands-on experience training produces students highly sought after in the competitive inter-mountain job market. In addition to prescription processing students will learn a practical, focused overview of medical insurance and billing of prescriptions in the community pharmacy setting.

* There is a $50.00 course fee in addition to tuition. 

PHAR 1060 - Pharmacology II (3 credit hours)

This course is a continuation of Pharmacology I. This course covers pharmacology concepts, core conditions and drug therapies frequently encountered by a technician in outpatient and inpatient settings.

Total Credit Hours (12)


Semester 3

PHAR 1065 - Pharmacology III OTC (2 credit hours)

This course discusses over-the-counter medications/products with emphasis on knowledge required for making appropriate recommendations for selection and use of these products by consumers

PHAR 2070 - Capstone Externship (2 credit hours)

This course analyzes distribution procedures to patients in the hospital and patient medication profiles. The course reviews community pharmacies and specific technician duties, including practical on-site experiences in both hospital and community settings.

*There is a $55 course fee in addition to tuition.

PHAR 2980 - Test Preparation (2 credit hours)

This course is a comprehensive review of all community and hospital pharmacy technician curriculum in preparation for the national pharmacy technician certification examination. Course will allow new medication topics to be covered as they emerge, drawing on clinical instructors with field expertise in these areas.

Total Credit Hours (6)