PCIE Awards

President’s Committee on Inclusivity and Equity Awards

The President’s Inclusivity and Equity Award has been established to recognize significant achievements of faculty, staff, and students in developing an inclusive and equitable campus community.


  • Up to three awards will be given: One each to a staff member, faculty member and a student (FT and PT may apply).
  • Three (3) awards for $1000/ea to the individual.
    • The award is given to the individual. The individual can choose to personally keep the award, or can choose to donate the money to a SLCC department and/or non-profit that is doing equity, diversity and/or social justice type of work.
    • Student award recipients will be recognized at the Multicultural Graduate Celebration (April 18, 2019) and staff and faculty recipients will be recognized at the Employee Recognition Day (April 24, 2019).
    • Multiple nominations will be accepted detailing the nominee’s contributions to fostering achievement, leadership and/or innovation.
  • Award will be selected by members of the PCIE committee.
  • Nominees must meet the minimum requirements:
    • Be in a full time position for a minimum of two years (FT award qualifier).
    • Be in a part time position for a minimum of three years (PT award qualifier).
    • Have attended classes at SLCC in the past year (student qualifier).
    • Be nominated by any SLCC employee.
    • Self-nominations are not accepted.


  • Leadership: Recognizing individuals who are leaders through influence and example, inspiring those around them and contributing to their communities and the College.
    • Models behavior that promotes diversity.
    • Nourishes acceptance of individual differences by leading efforts that alter the way we think about ourselves and the College through inclusive practices.
  • Achievement: Accomplishments both in and outside of the classroom. For example, a student could have demonstrated excellence through an outreach project or through research that illuminated an important issue within the community.
    • Integrates diversity concepts and values into academic curriculum, management functions, or community service.
    • Develops methods for increasing and valuing diversity among students, faculty, staff, or the community.
  • Innovation: Activity uniquely addresses key issues of inclusiveness and diversity throughout the College and community. How is this activity different from existing programs or projects that address inclusivity and equity?
    • Creates a welcoming and supportive campus climate through innovative efforts aimed to increase visibility, communication, and education that value diversity.
    • Enhances the academic and/or professional environment among people who are different with demonstrated outcomes that are noticeably above and beyond the routine.

March 30 - Deadline for applications

April 18/April 24 - Awards will be presented at the Multicultural Graduation Ceremony and the Employee Recognition Day