Higher Ed Teaching and Learning Lab

Lab description

This is an undergraduate research lab for SLCC students who are interested to obtain social science research experiences. The research projects focus on, but are not limited to the following topic areas: higher ed teaching effectiveness, instructor-student relationship, academic learning, social science research methods, and diversity and equity practices in higher ed.

All SLCC undergraduate students are welcome to participate at different levels of involvement. Students interested in exploring research opportunities with the Higher Ed Teaching and Learning Lab are encouraged to contact Dr. Xin Zhao at xin.zhao@slcc.edu.

Current Projects

  • Curating inclusive multi-modal introductory psychology OER content: Interviewing historically underrepresented experts (with OpenStax.org)
  • Loss aversion: teaching psychology of decision making to economics students
  • Productive failure: increase undergraduate research skills through ill-structured activities
  • Social Justice discussions in general psychology: Using learning community to predict students’ attitudes 

Faculty Advisor


Xin Zhao, Ph.D.
Credentials & Bio

Student Research Assistants


Joseph Izampuye
I am currently a sophomore at SLCC majoring in psychology. My current interests besides psychology include reading about history and writing philosophy.


Paige Keller
I'm currently a sophomore at SLCC and will be transferring to the University of Utah this fall, 2021. Some of my hobbies outside of psychology include dance, colorguard, tuba, reading, and crocheting.


Hayden Turnbow
I am currently a freshman at SLCC exploring paths with psychology as a major. Some of the many things outside of psychology I am interested in include painting, video games, music, and computer science.


Last updated March 2021