Breakout Session Descriptions

February 25, 2022

Breakout Schedule:

Breakout Sessions A: 1-1:45 p.m.

Breakout Sessions B: 2-2:45 p.m.

Each breakout session is held twice. Once as in-person breakout and once as a Zoom breakout.
When registering, be sure to choose the appropriate location.
*Dr. Garcia’s workshop will run twice. Each time will be a hybrid session (in-person and Zoom).

Breakout Session Name Description
  • Dr. Gina Garcia Workshop

  • Understanding the lived experiences of Hispanic/Latinx students across SLCC
    • Presenter: Diego Pliego Nava, Qualitative Researcher, Data Science & Analytics

This session will explore the findings of a qualitative study undertaken by the Office of Data Science & Analytics. The aim of the study is to better understand the needs of students who identify as Latinx, a diverse group with a range of overlapping and intersecting identities.

  • Diversity in Hiring Panel Discussion
    • Moderator: Lisa Fowler, Interim Associate Vice President, People & Workplace Culture

Panelists will discuss practical methods for increasing diversity in applicant pools and how to ensure the hiring process is inclusive.

  • Seeking Faculty Voices: How can we become a Latinx Enhancing Organization? Group Discussion
    • Moderator: Mequette Sorenson, Professor, Social Work & Ethnic Studies

Join us for an interactive discussion as we explore what resources are needed at SLCC to cultivate an educational experience that enhances the racial and cultural ways of our Latinx – and other minoritized students – students, staff and faculty.

  • Student Employment as an HSI Initiative
    • Presenter: Ella Aho, Director, Career Services

This session will describe the context of the CWT, sharing results of a gap analysis of student employment and on-campus jobs. Ella will also discuss the role of student employment within an emerging Hispanic-Serving Institution.

  • Engaging Communities (CWT)
    • Presenter: Jen Seltzer-Stitt, Director, Community Relations
    • Presenter: Idolina Quijada, Coordinator, Campus and Site Services
    • Presenter: Daysi Hernandez, Assistant Professor, School of Business

Presenters will describe their CWT and its charge to 1) integrate various community engagement and community relations initiatives, 2) align research and practice with the college mission, strategic goals, and college-identified outcomes with desired community, and 3) establish a process for defining institutional goal-oriented, intentional, and sustained college-community collaborations.

  • Using Data to Advance Equity
    • Presenter: Leonel Nieto, Assistant Director of Business Analytics, Data Science & Analytics

Leonel will share data dashboards he and his team have built. He will demonstrate how these tools may be used to illuminate inequality and suggest remedies to ameliorate it.

  • Non-Instructional Program Review as Equity-mined Practice
    • Presenter: Candida Darling, Co-Interim Associate Vice President for Student Success

Building upon the recommendations from Becoming Hispanic Serving Institutions (Garcia, 2019), Student Affairs has developed a justice and equity framework for program review. This tool helps departments identify systemic barriers and problematic policies that can then be addressed. This session will go over the aspects covered in the new framework, and will discuss how this is being applied in the current program review cycle.

  • Latin America 101
    • Presenter: Carolina Bloem, Assistant Professor, Language

The Latinx identity is not one monolithic thing. Latin America is a large geographical area spanning two continents, made up of a variety of diverse peoples, cultures, and languages. Nevertheless, there are many elements of shared history that unite the populations in this region. This session will provide an overview of the history of Latin America and how this history has informed the experiences of Latinx people in the community.

  • Pathways as an HSI Initiative
    • Presenter: Jason Pickavance, Associate Provost, Academic Operations

Pathways is a means to provide more structure and support for our students, which has been shown to increase student success outcomes. This session will discuss how pathways can be a tool for advancing equity.   

  • HSI - Exploring the Why (CWT)
    • Presenter: Alonso Reyna Rivarola, Interim Chief Diversity Officer
    • Presenter: Richard Diaz, Co-interim Associate Vice President for Student Success

Presenters will expand on their morning plenary session to explore the reasoning behind SLCC’s desire to pursue the HSI designation, and how this initiative might impact students who identify as Latinx as well as students of other identities.